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Some of my main creative projects are writing, music and photography. Through the process of creativity in combination with powerful transformational techniques and psychology theory I also offer one to one coaching sessions.

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A creative lifestyle is one that is vastly enriched by making time and space for the things that are truly important. This blog will contain some key concepts that look into creativity, psychology, travel and science to explore who we are, why we are here and how we can make the best life possible.

The Art of Virtue Signalling

The Art of Virtue Signalling

We are living in a time where each day it’s becoming harder to express our truth. The policing of speech and thoughts has two effects. Firstly, it removes status from those who cross the ever increasing lines of what is deemed to be politically correct and secondly, it gives the one policing the wrong behaviour, a level of power. Those who have this power, need an ever increasing set of rules to enforce. A simple example is the definition of a racist. When I was growing up in the suburbs of south-east London there was a, somewhat warranted, fear of being beaten up by local racists. Of course this form of racism still exists but is nowhere near what it used to be – and is continuing to improve. Nowadays racism has such a broad definition that it now includes what is innate. In other words it no longer needs to be an overt violent act, it doesn’t even need to be overtly aggressive language, it can just be...

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Slovakian cave art – photography

Slovakian cave art – photography

Some pictures from caves up in the Tatras of northern Slovakia. It was all shot on a Panasonic Lumix G6 at f2.8 and ISO 100. Amazing how much light can enter the camera at that level of darkness. All pictures Ⓒ Johan Nayar 2015 Stairway to heavencave silhouette 2Cave detailcave paintingcave silhouettecave man wallHoly cowElephant face Also check out my Acuity NLP blog on this topic:...

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Island Hopping in The Canaries (part III) – Tenerife by car

Island Hopping in The Canaries (part III) – Tenerife by car

Tenerife by car Day 1: La Gomera – Los Cristianos – Los Gigantes – La Laguna Leaving La Gomera was a bit sad but we had this feeling that we were leaving the clouds behind. Nunu (our host) took us to the boat and off we went across the sea towards Tenerife. We could see El Teide, the great volcano in the centre of the island (3718 m) in the distance and the skies over Tenerife were covered with sunshine, and the mountain growing in size as the boat progressed. After arriving in Tenerife, the plan was for me to go and pick up the car while Zuzana (my girlfriend/partner in crime) kept an eye on the luggage. I walked up through the town and got on the bus,  finally got to the airport and from there raced back to Los Cristianos to pick up Zuzu who by this point was abandoned by all the others tourists. We took a short drive across town aiming for a beach called Playa de...

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Here's what some others have said about my coaching, training and my book, The Creativity Manual.

The session with Johan guided me to envisage how I would feel if I achieved certain objectives I have had in mind for a while but have been finding difficult to put into practice. By guiding me to imagine and, more effectively, to embody the positive outcomes of my actions, I was left feeling more energised and motivated. The option of not realising my goals felt so much worse! I really think these sessions would greatly benefit anyone who is looking for motivation and clarity in their life.

Mariana Magnavita

Enjoyed this combination of travel book and personal development manual. Nayar is a man full of life and curiosity for finding out techniques that make a difference, including taking on false personas (if only for a time)! Take my hat off to him for pursuing a creative career in music, art and writing when he might have got stuck in something unfulfilling, and no doubt he will come out with other books to entertain and enlighten us.

T. Butler-Bowdon

This book is an amazing read! It has inspired me in so many ways! It showed me the importance of taking journey within and to be brave and feel free on my self-discovery. The author’s fascinating travel experiences, his wisdom and the variety of exercises I tried really made me see the world through different eyes! I highly recommend reading this book, as I found it to be an excellent source how to get to know yourself, unlock your full potential and create the life you desire. I could feel the author’s passion to share his wisdom and experience about his growth and that made the whole reading even more interesting! Thank you Johan Nayar !!!

Zanna Love

The subtitle says it all! This book is written specifically for creative types who are seeking to advance their particular art form. It offers great advice, interesting personal experiences from the author and takes you through a process that is bound to enhance your effectiveness as an artist. What stood out for me was the author’s stories of his travel experiences and how they opened him up to the creative path which he now walks. They provide an exciting addition to the book which sets it apart from other creative/self-help manuals.

Joe Barnes


I found The Creativity Manual to be a fantastic book full of Johan’s life experiences, realisations and theories. I loved how each story is intertwined with so much value. This book really is jam packed full of practical information, i’d recommend reading a chapter at a time to just absorb all the information thoroughly. In summary i highly recommend this for anyone wanting to open their mind.



I would highly recommend this book, and it’s a must for all creative souls wanting to progress in their chosen fields. I felt like I was on the authors travels with him and enjoyed the mixture of personal anecdotes and practical advice which I have already started using in my everyday life. A great read and it’s has definitely changed my perspective in many different areas.

Rebecca Henri

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who’s hit a brick wall in their life. After doing some travelling, I wanted to write my own book about online marketing, but spent the best part of 4 months on the first page. After seeing Johan at one of his talks, and then reading the book afterwards I managed to complete my book in under two months. Great guy and really great book.

Stuart Bennett

I found this book interesting from both the perspective of the creative and that of the nomad travelling the Earth to reflect that which they are. The author captures both the science and the spirit of life’s journey in a simple, honest way that is very accessible to anyone who sees themselves (or dreams themselves) a creative.



I was looking for a way to ignite my creativity and didn’t know where to start. This book provided me with the path. I found Johan’s writing incredibly authentic – I could visualise him on his jorneys so vividly and could almost experience what he did. It is both highly enjoyable and educational and provides you with a road map for your journey into a more exciting and fulfilling life. Very inspirational! Thank you Johan

Mrs M V McEwan

I really liked Johan’s creative workshop. As an artist I am very right-brained and find it difficult to connect to the left when I am tackling the business end of my work. Step by step I was able to understand how I was lacking organisation, pinpoint the problem and then work positively to create a simple system which applies confidence to my organisation. The momentum of this confidence is still flowing and am definitely seeing the rewards.

David Debidin

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