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Johan Nayar

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Hi, I’m Johan Nayar, and welcome my site dedicated to creativity and personal development. My first transformation occurred during my trip to India when I was 19. Although it felt as though it was a mystical experience, I have since rationalised it as an awakening from a deep slumber, an awakening that many are experiencing at this moment in history. The hypnotic rotations of the cogs of modern urban living seem to remove the critical factor, the questioning of the status quo and it is by extracting oneself from the machine and arriving in a totally new reality, it is possible to shed the lifetime of programming.

This blog is about creating a new reality, through the process of gaining new experiences, being highly creative and gaining a better understanding of the laws of nature. I have delved into much of this in my book, and continue to help others to experience this level of transformation in their lives. To keep up with the latest from me do check out my newsletter:


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