The Creativity Manual

Posted on Sep 10, 2014

The Creativity Manual

The Creativity Manual is a book that takes you on the road to being more creative. You are inherently a creative being, it's a trait that is a part of the evolution of man.

This book approaches the idea of creativity from three main perspectives:

  1. Why are we creative?
  2. How can you be more creative?
  3. Real life stories from the author's life that serve as metaphors for his own creative journey into music, film and writing.

The first perspective delves into the ideas of evolutionary psychology, showing that creativity is indeed an innate quality within humans. The author's research in this field led him to the conclusion that creativity has evolved much like the plumage of the peacock or the visually stunning architectural displays of the bowerbird.

The second perspective looks at specific techniques including many from NLP, that can be used to enhance direction, focus and the creative process. By setting up the clear goal of the immediate creative burst or the ultimate destination, you can create the state of 'flow', which is about immersion in the moment and similar to the meditative state. This full presence can drive things forward powerfully.

The third perspective in the book highlights the other two through the medium of story-telling. These metaphors provide a real world parallel to the principles discussed making the book even more readable as you explore the travels of Johan through the continents of Asia and South America.

The Creativity Manual

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